How OpenPKG can Support IT Business

Your IT uses UNIX systems and a lot of Open Source software but is not efficient enough?You would like to change the hardware supplier of your Unix systems, but you do not know how to migrate the Open Source software to the new systems? You would like to consolidate your services and need some tools to accomplish this task?

This thesis presents and analyzes the solution: OpenPKG. In all the cases given above, OpenPKG provides tools, techniques and mechanisms to perform the required tasks in a very efficient way.

The first step is to get a common understanding of the topic, which is detailed in chapter two. The next two steps focus on the issues created by the use of UNIX and Open Source software. After you have read through it, you might like to ask yourself how these issues can be solved because some of them may apply to you. The answer to this question is: Use OpenPKG. OpenPKG as a solution is described right after the discussion of the issues.

The next question might be: Yes, that is possible, but how can it be done? And how does it work in real life? To answer these questions, this thesis contains case studies with descriptions of actual problems and how they were solved using OpenPKG. Some problems might not even have been experienced at all because OpenPKG was used.

Now you might ask: How can I implement OpenPKG to better support my business? To demonstrate this, I created an example company. This includes some financial data and, in addition, shows how OpenPKG supports IT governance and the corporate strategy.

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